Photo du profil Sophia De Jong
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Sophia De Jong

Violinist, classic, tango, folk. Projects with dance, theater. Educator, leading orchestra for amateurs. String quartet.

Activités professionnelles :

  • Alto
  • Gestion de projet
  • Musicologie
  • Pédagogie musicale
  • Violon

Hobbys et intérêts :

  • Arrangement
  • Enseignement musical
  • Festival management
  • Journalisme musical
  • Musique live
  • Piano

Pronom :


I live in Switzerland since 88 but I still feel Dutch. I love to play violin: alone with others, I love the sound of the instrument and a lot of beatiful music written for this instrument. I like to teach people who are as crazy about this instrument as I am. Kids and grownups. Level is not important. Without passion better leave it, playing violin is difficult and time absurping. When I join a project I go for it. I can be nerving because I don’t like half work and I hate people with only big ego’s and no idea about the music.

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