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I want to destigmatize and liberate Reggeaton through the art of DJing. Mixing it with Global bass and what I call Abuelitos Pop.

Activités professionnelles :

  • DJing
  • Festival management
  • Gestion événementielle

Hobbys et intérêts :

  • DJing
  • Gestion événementielle

Projets :

écoute chérix

Pronom :


El_vira is a peruvian/egyptian DJ and event curator. Their current work revolves around creating safe and accessible spaces within the cultural sphere, especially amplifying and uplifting FINTA and BIPOC as co-founder of festival collective "écoute chérix". As a DJ El_vira focuses on reggaeton, perreo, mixing in all the steamiest beats they can find. With their sets, they aim to destigmatize the Latinx music genres and bring them into the consciousness of western club culture.

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