Profile picture Virginia Koleva
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Virginia Koleva

With remarkable playing technique and an expressive, warm voice, she plays piano and sings with a perfect coordination, like she talks to you.

Professional activities:

  • Arrangement
  • Composition
  • Music teaching
  • Performance
  • Piano
  • Vocals

Hobbies and interests:

  • Photography act / portrait



Virginia was 6 years old when she struck a chord with her lifelong ambition.
She completed her secondary education with a classical piano, and studied piano, voice, and teaching methodology at the Pop and Jazz Department of the Bulgarian State Academy of Music.
After years of experience in classical and popular music, Virginia discovered that her greatest love is for the jazz, blues, and soul.
In January 2000, in Germany, Virginia recorded her first CD - "And I Love Him" - "live" in the studio, something very familiar and, at the same time, filled with energy and inventive interpretation of celebrated jazz classics.
Although she is presently piano / vocal educator, focused on her own compositions, Virginia is enjoying each and every opportunity to reach out and touch her fans.

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