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uday albousefy

hello, my name is uday, Guess i am a rapper, i write songs with complex rhyme schemes every day lol, i only need a producer and im gucci, check me out

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  • Rap

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  • Rap
  • Songwriting


normal pronouns i guess lol

hi my name is uday, i'm a lyrical rapper, i write long rap songs with complex rhyme schemes, every bar i write either have 2 or 4 rhymes, my inspiration came from a lot of rappers, eminem, rakim. nas, 2pac, etc
the only thing i don't know is producing, so if you are a producer, check me out,
i don't really have a professional setup because of my state, i record on my phone for fun, or just to check out my flow.
the only thing i sure know is that i'm a great songwriter.

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