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Stephanie Feller

Working at the legendary Powerplay Studios in Maur. Responsible for booking, marketing and events. Always looking for new talent!

Professional activities:

  • Booking
  • Engineering studio sound
  • Event management
  • Mastering
  • Mixing
  • Music studio
  • Songwriting



Stephi is a paramedic with a decade of experience, having previously worked as a nurse, reflecting her lifelong commitment to the medical field. However, her true passion lies in circus arts, which paved the way, through a funny story, for her involvement in event business. Over the past years, she has had the opportunity to explore the show business, serving as a stage manager and project assistant for the several shows and festivals inlcuding "Art on Ice", "Station X" and "Blue's 'n' Jazz Festival. Additionally, she could gather experience as a tour manager assistant for "Seat Music Session 2022" and operated as a crew member in the "Circus Salto Natale Show 2022.“
Since May 2023 she is a team member at the Powerplay Studios, managing the booking, marketing and the Powerplay events.

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