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I'm a music producer from Baden, Switzerland and love to create electronic, hip hop influenced music.

Professional activities:

  • Ableton Live
  • Arrangement
  • Beatmaking
  • Homestudio recording

Hobbies and interests:

  • Ableton Live




she/her, sensu

Jasmin Peterhans (born 1992) known by her stage name Sensu, is a music producer, musician and live-act based in Baden, Switzerland. To simply call her a producer and performer of electronic music doesn’t do justice to the dimension of her soundscapes. While her unique signature style borrows bits and pieces from experimental, electronica and Bass Music, a soulful warmth resonates from each of her productions that places them in a category all their own.

As a teenager, Sensu discovered hip hop, the culture held her attention for several years. By 2012, though, the global resurgence of electronic music had influenced her to try her hand at producing more eclectic styles that expanded her creative horizons.

Signing with Universal Music in 2019, Sensu’s debut record called Embrace was released September of the same year and undoubtably strengthened her profile as one of the most auspicious young electronic musicians around. It featured collaborations with internationally emerging artists just as Otis Junior, Bassette and Ryck Jane, as well as young Swiss singer Benjamin Amaru and is an infatuating conglomeration of Bass music and pop-loaded Electronica. In addition, the release and the associated hype earned her a nomination as "Best Talent" at the Swiss Music Awards 2020.

2020 now shows Sensu as a constantly developing artist who’s setting another milestone in her young career with "Outspoken“, a track which features UK singer/rapper LYAM on vocals. If you’ve followed Sensu's career, you will have noticed that she never rests for long on what she has worked out musically, but constantly strives for new possibilities and ideas.

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