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Romina Kalsi

Animor is my stage name, but I was born in Lugano, Switzerland as Romina Kalsi. Singer-songwriter, former lead singer of Swiss band Rocky Wood.

Professional activities:

  • Ableton Live
  • Artist management
  • Sales / distribution
  • Songwriting

Hobbies and interests:

  • Ableton Live
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Arrangement
  • Composition
  • Vocals


Voi, Animor

Animor is my stage name, but I was born in Lugano, Switzerland as Romina Kalsi and in my veins flows Native American, German, Hungarian and Canadian blood. I have been singing since I can remember, in English, my mother tongue.

In 2013 with guitarists Roberto Pianca and Fabio Besomi we gave birth to Rocky Wood, our alt folk pop soul band which was later joined by Nelide Bandello and Stefano Senni. In 2014 we released the first album "Shimmer", which was received very positively in Switzerland. Later in 2017 we released "Ok, No Wait" which was the last album I featured as lead singer.

Animor is my solo project. I chose a name of art with a sweet sound; Animor is a name in which I recognise myself and that perfectly describes the person I am.

My first debut EP Chasing Gold was released in 2017 with 3 songs plus 1 remix by Mammut Project (CH). I teamed up with London based mixing engineer Zab Spencer who I actually met on a film set in Los Angeles. Zab is my go-to engineer who mixed and mastered Chasing Gold and is a great support behind the scenes.

Chasing Gold was really well received and allowed me to be considered for the Schedler Music Summit 2018 where I met many great artists and songwriters, including Tobias Granbacka, an amazing songwriter based in Stockholm, Sweden.

In August 2018 I released "Somebody Loves You" written with Tobias & "No Honey, produced with fellow Swiss producer Mammut Project . I'm so excited that both singles have been play-listed on Swiss national radio and Somebody Loves You was chosen as Song of the Month October 2018!

Zurich’s DJ SOAME and I released a 3 track EP “Honey” - 3 remixes of my single No Honey. One mix appears on the Toolroom Ibiza 2019 Compilation and got heavy radio play in Ibiza during summer 2019.

More recently, 2020 I’ve released two songs with some amazing collaborations. “Wild Dog” with Tobias and “A Little Too Loud” with Adrien Ciechanowski and John Sauli, which was made in one day in Las Negras, Spain. Both songs can also be heard on Swiss Radio.

I'm so grateful for all the love and support shown by everyone. More coming soon!

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