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Romane Bouffioux

Percussionist based between bern and geneva. I'm very interessed with new music, performance, interdisciplinary exchange, creation, mix electronics.

Professional activities:

  • Drums
  • Media work
  • Percussion
  • Performance

Hobbies and interests:

  • Festival
  • Music video
  • Percussion
  • Performance



I'm a percussionist based between Bern and Geneva. I do speak german, french, english and spanish. I'm very interested in exchange, artistic and human share. I'm coming from a classical-contemporary academical education. I interpret written music but it's also very important for me to create new things, to improvise and to mix with other musician/artists. I have now a big concentration on what happening on stage, how to make the public feel, see, imagine things. I have several project in the style of theatre musical but I also in new music or traditional music specially from columbia.
As you understand, diversity and open mind are important words and thought for me.

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