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Rah Fookinhell

Drummer, new in Switzerland. More on the punk / rock side of music but also very flexible.

Professional activities:

  • Artist management
  • Drums
  • Event management

Hobbies and interests:

  • Drums
  • Sound Design
  • Ukulele



Drummess Rah Fookinhell started off her musical career practicing drums in the basement of a farm in the middle of nowhere. One day she found herself in that same barn playing live for the first time in front of a roaring audience with her musical role model Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls. That’s when she knew that ‘rockstar’ was the only acceptable career choice. Since moving to Berlin Rah has played in several bands. Current bands are the wave cabaret band Feline & Strange and punk band The Erinyes. Previous projects were Donut Heart and the Saudia Young Noir Rockabilly Blues Band. The latest release Rah drummed on is Trigger Warning by Feline & Strange (released 4.4.2020) Rah joined F&S in 2018 - replacing Brian Viglione of The Dresden Dolls who drummed on the previous 3 albums of Feline & Strange. Due to personal recently Rah moved to Bern to focus on studying Social Work which she wants to connect with drumming.

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