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Petra Rakic

I help you boost your confidence through individual singing lessons. Working online and in-person in Zürich. A musicologist, and singer-songwriter.

Professional activities:

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Petra Rakic

My philosophy in three words: wellness, connection, and creativity.

I’m teaching a skill that will help you relax from your daily routine, connect with others, and give you a tool to express yourself creatively. To work on your voice is to work on yourself. I am here to help you grow and find the tools you need to achieve your full potential.

I am one of those lucky people that know what they should do in life. My musical path started in early childhood when a violin professor discovered my ability to identify the Kammerton without a reference. Since then my life has revolved around music. I have been listening and composing, reading and writing, watching performances and performing myself. It has been through such interactions of receiving inspiration from the environment and channeling it back with my creativity, that I realized music brings out the best of me.

In 2014, I moved from my hometown Ljubljana to study musicology at the Humboldt University of Berlin. The world is changing and so is music as a result; this was a motivation for my master thesis that explored YouTube medium — how it is impacting musicians, audiences and the music industry as a whole. With a sharpened music mind and a master’s degree in hand, I marched towards establishing a career as a musician in Berlin. Over the last few years, I have gained experience in various areas of the music industry including recording, teaching, managing artists, songwriting, and performing. I am especially proud of the following three projects which are a reflection of my passion to do great music, my natural tendency to be creative, and entrepreneurial drive to get things done despite the setbacks: MANONO band, IMG Artists, and Tech Open Air.

Now based in Switzerland, I aim to find passionate and talented people in the soundscape, position myself within the Zürich music scene, and start joint projects. This I do in the form of creating my music, organizing music events (Zürich Secret Gigs), workshops and masterclasses, teaching (online and in-person singing lessons), nurturing aspiring musicians, and any other new ways still waiting to be discovered.

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