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Petra Rakic

Petra is a vocal coach, musicologist, and singer-songwriter based in Zurich.

Professional activities:

  • Coaching
  • Music teaching
  • Songwriting
  • Vocals

Hobbies and interests:

  • Musicology



Following the love of her life, Petra moved to Zurich at the end of 2019. Since then she independently released three singles: 'Pain' (music video recorded in Berlin), 'We Go Now' (music video recorded on the Greek island of Milos), and 'Paradise'.
Petra shares her gift of music with students and enjoys teaching them how to speak and sing with confidence. She has refined her teaching method over the years by coaching hundreds of diverse individuals with clear results, making her Zurich’s #1 vocal coach.
Petra is in the process off recording a solo pop-soul album of her childhood dreams and is looking to return to stages with her songs.
The female name Petra stems from the Greek word for stone, meaning Petra was given an unshakeable and resilient strength at birth to use to empower others. Her vivid energy fuels her love for music, finding always new songs to sing and people to move. Her relationship with the music stays pure and true. Having to move eighteen times in her life, Petra carries within her voice the clear blue sea of Pula, the cute riverside of Ljubljana, and the international colors of Berlin. You will spot her on a starry night sitting on Bürkliplatz, looking at the reflection of the Zurich Opera House in the water and breathing in the gentle breeze of the Zurich lake.

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