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Nadine Gierak

Hi! I'm a professional Live Sound Engineer :)

Professional activities:

  • Engineering live sound
  • Engineering studio sound
  • Pro Tools

Hobbies and interests:

  • Coaching
  • E-bass
  • Engineering live sound
  • Engineering studio sound
  • Festival


she/ her

I'm Nadine, a young audio engineer from Switzerland who just started out in the professional world.
After working four years in an architecture office, I decided to pursue my passion and study audio engineering.
So far I've had the pleasure to work on some short films, but my true passion lies within live sound, where I'm freelancing for Werkk Baden or Dynamo Zurich for example.
I also love doing studio recordings, preferably with analogue gear.
Personally, I listen to and play hardrock/ metal, but any genre is welcome! See you soon, on stage or in a recording studio :)

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