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Momo Kawazoe

Music is where I can create my own world!

Hobbies and interests:

  • Arrangement
  • Composition
  • Drums
  • E-bass
  • Laptop
  • Logic Pro
  • Music live
  • Music studio
  • Piano
  • Producing
  • Pro Tools
  • Sound Design





Raised in a music loving family, I've listened to music all my life. I started playing drums at age 10 and also learned some piano and bass, since then making music was became a passion, but the drums still remain my favorite instrument. For about two years, I'm also doing some arranging/producing. I've been in differents bands across the region on stages all over Switzerland, but mainly and currently, I play with our locally known school band Kanti-s-Wings and CHIARA, a romansh all-girl singer-songwriter band, known inside and outside of the Grisons.
I'm still a student, but music should be my future. Right now I see myself as a drummer and aspiring producer.

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