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Mirjam Gautschi

molekühl (DJ / musician)

Professional activities:

  • Administration
  • Booking
  • Club
  • Composition
  • Cultural organisation / management
  • DJ
  • Keyboard
  • Music live
  • Musicology
  • Piano
  • Vinyl

Hobbies and interests:

  • Artist management
  • Booking
  • Club
  • DJ
  • Festival
  • Music live
  • Music teaching
  • Sound Design





Mirjam Gautschi aka molekühl is a Zurich based Vinyl-DJ and musician.
She started playing the piano at age 8 and continued her education in classical piano for more than 15 years after that. But she always preferred to improvise and modify existing music instead of reading sheet music, and began composing in her childhood.

After her preliminary course at the Zurich Conservatory in Jazz and Pop, she decided to study musicology, popular culture and film studies at the University of Zurich. She was always interested in the interdisciplinary and the merging of theory and practice; research on urban soundscapes being the focus during her masters. Her master thesis was an artistic research about the sound of Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse, consisting of fieldwork and a soundscape composition.

Her own music, made with synthesizers & keyboards, also crosses genres: Her classical background (playing the piano, employments at KKL Luzern and Lucerne Festival, musicology studies) meets experimental techno, noises & drones and bulky rhythms. The long occupation with field recordings is also a part of molekühl's electronic explorations and commissioned compositions for film or dance. Composing, be it for a pop band, for piano and singing or for experimental films, has been part of her since childhood.

As a Vinyl-only-DJ, she plays a broad variety of genres, but she mainly plays (late) 90ies Techno and Trance in Clubs. But she also has to offer Ambient, Experimental, Halftime or Broken Beats. In her DJ-Sets she strongly focuses on dramaturgy.

Collaborations with musicians from different fields, DJ workshops, live film scoring or working as a booker / cultural manager (for ex. Kraftfeld, Rhizom Festival) are also among her fields of activity. In addition, she is strongly committed to more gender balance in the club culture.

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