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Mariana Da Cruz

Singer and songwriter of the group DA CRUZ Origin: Brazil - In Switzerland since 2003 Style: Electro-Acoustic Brazilian music

Professional activities:

  • Arrangement
  • Artwork / visuals
  • Communication
  • Composition
  • Cultural politics
  • DIY
  • Media work
  • Music teaching
  • Percussion
  • Songwriting
  • Vocals


Da Cruz



Over the past ten years Da Cruz has gained an excellent reputation in the global music scene. Each of her five records has made the Top 10 of the American college radio charts.

Newspapers like "The Independent", magazines like "Rolling Stone" and radio stations like BBC 6 Music, KEXP and Radio France International have followed and praised Da Cruz's activities. This is even more remarkable, as Da Cruz has remained an independent artist since its beginnings.

Every Da Cruz record has been produced in their own studio and released on their label - except for the 2011 album "Sistema Subversiva", which was released by the US-Label „Six Degrees Records“ (The Dø, Bebel Gilberto, CéU).

And: Da Cruz has enthralled audiences all around the world with their live shows - from Montreal to Montreux, from London to São Paulo.

Da Cruz directs an electro-acoustic trip from the subversive communities of Lagos to the favelas of Rio and the townships of Johannesburg, with occasional stopps in the smoke-filled recording studios of Kingston Town and poorly ventilated clubs of London.

Singer Mariana Da Cruz is the sixth daughter of a cook and a cotton picker she grew up in modest circumstances in the outskirts of São Paulo. There was no money for music lessons or for a record collection, "but there was a lot of singing in our family," says Mariana Da Cruz. "My mother was a passionate radio listener and a gifted singer. All my knowledge of Brazilian music comes from her and from an old crackling radio in our kitchen in Paranapanema.”

At 17, she left the province and worked as a teacher and a singer in the city of Campinas. "But at some point I was tired of being the Bossa Nova jukebox. I love all the old songs, but I don’t like to look back."

Da Cruz's story is that of one of two musicians with highly different temperaments. Working in Brazil and Portugal in 2005 as a Bossa-Nova singer Da Cruz accidentally ran into Ane H., former singer and musical mastermind of Swiss Industrial-Electro-
Pioneers Swamp Terrorists. “While Elis Regina and Ed Motta were major influences”, she says, “We both wanted to create something new without giving up all our past. Da Cruz is the result of this effort.”

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