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Legion Seven

Expertly wielded imposter syndrome

Professional activities:

  • Ableton Live
  • Homestudio recording
  • Performance
  • Vocals

Hobbies and interests:

  • Artwork / visuals
  • Laptop




they/them and sometimes why

Legion Seven (*1993 in Brampton, CAN) is a multi-hyphenate artist whose works emerge in bodies as diverse as the imagination, consistent only in a core appreciation for storytelling. After living nearly a decade in Basel (CH) – during which they were awarded the 2019 Kulturförderpreis for their overall artistic contributions to the city – commitment to an intensive restructuring of their practice led Seven from Basel to Berlin in early 2021. There they cocooned in the belly of the lockdown to develop a new body for the respiration of their work. In 2022, the initial breaths of that body took on the form of poetic lecture performances written especially for and in dialogue with the exhibitions that staged them. In 2023, Seven's approach to exhibition spaces evolved to blur the boundaries between physical and digital realms. The Observatory: Second Site – a project with Rohini Devasher that uses the trajectory of Saturn’s astronomic renderings to question how perception impacts sight and transforms the object – expanded from a live lecture performance into a web-hosted digital art project, and then to a physical exhibition at KHOJ Studios in New Delhi this past April. In July, Seven joined several collaborators in Bogotá to develop the transdisciplinary video game performance BRAVE NEWW WORLD from a web project into an exhibition and series of live productions at the historic theatre Espacio Odeón. Having now returned to Berlin with the inputs from these experiences, Seven reconsiders the role that the supposed boundary between realms plays in their own introspective process and prospective work.

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