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Lara Persia

Recording engineer, owner of Lemura Recording Studio.

Professional activities:

  • Engineering studio sound
  • Mixing
  • Music studio
  • Pro Tools

Hobbies and interests:

  • E-bass



“I need to feel embraced by sounds: I need to feel warmth and depth around me. When I listen to live music I immediately imagine how I would like to hear it on record: full-bodied instrument, depth, warmth and color. What kind of wall do I see behind the musician, how far away is it? How do I want to be reached by the sound? Space, width, warmth of sound: I perceive all this physically, as a part of me.”

Founder of Lemura Recording Studio in 2007, in which I am employed as a recording engineer, since 1998 I have also worked in SSR/SRG RSI – Swiss Radio and Television on a part-time basis.

Since 2016 I have been working with the world association AES (Audio Engineering Society – Swiss section) as an expert on the committee at the federal sound engineer exams in Bern.

I was born in Locarno in 1972 and grew up with rock’n’roll.

My passion for the recording world started as a child: I used to record myself on cassette tape while playing and made overdubs using my dad’s and my own tape recorders.
So in 1991 I moved to London where I graduated as a recording engineer at Media Production Ltd. school. In those days studios still worked on two-inch tape and analog console, a faithful friend that I still prefer today.

Back in Switzerland, I continued my study of classical guitar and played bass in several rock bands. In 1998 I began working at Swiss Radio and Television (RSI) as a sound engineer, where I am still employed part-time.

A fortunate meeting with Manfred Eicher, head of the prestigious record label ECM, allowed me to learn and acquire essential knowledge for working in the studio. In fact, with Eicher I recorded and mixed several albums in the Stelio Molo Auditorium of the Swiss Radio and Television in Lugano.

Over the years I have taken numerous master classes with leading elements of the recording production world. Particularly significant was my time in Florida with Bruce Swedien (sound engineer for Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Count Basie, Herbie Hancock) and Mick Guzauski (Daft Punk, Madonna, Talking Heads).

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