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Lara Friedrich

Lara Selina, CH-USA singer-songwriter, ongoing single & album project, two bands (one Irish folk), songwriting coach at Voice+Music Academy in ZH

Professional activities:

  • Coaching
  • Homestudio recording
  • Performance
  • Songwriting
  • Vocals

Hobbies and interests:

  • Acoustic guitar
  • Arrangement
  • Blog / Vlog / Podcast
  • Composition
  • DIY
  • E-guitar
  • Keyboard
  • Laptop
  • Music teaching
  • Music therapy
  • Percussion
  • Ukulele





My name is Lara Selina, and I'm a Swiss-American singer-songwriter based in Switzerland. I'm currently working on a single release for a documentary over at , and this is within a larger album project with
I play in a jazz-pop band and an Irish folk band, and I'm a songwriting coach at Voice+Music Academy in Zurich.

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