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Lara Bothe

Tour & Merchandise Manager based in London, UK with a German passport.

Professional activities:

  • Tour management

Hobbies and interests:

  • Tour management



With a passion for live music I started working various jobs in the industry at an early age. I’m soon to graduate a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Management and I’m looking for more jobs in this direction. I’m communicative as well as organised, eager to help wherever a hand is needed, multilingual, and always wearing a smile on my face. I’m a great addition to a functioning touring crew.
I have attended live music events globally and have experience with tour related activities such as booking accommodation, routing, transport, and itineraries as well as scouting restaurants fitting dietary requirements and organising sightseeing on a limited time. Traveling often with larger groups of people to multiple tour stops, I am aware of each individual’s needs and fit these into the plans of the group.

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