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Julie Campiche

Jazz harpist / electronic effect / composer

Professional activities:

  • Composition
  • Harp


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Harpist Julie Campiche’s work is an on-going process of musical innovation. Through research and experimentation she has developed the use of electronic effects that enhance the scope of her improvisational work. She has a very personnel technique and her own musical language.

Julie introduced her harp into the world of jazz and contemporary music in a very organic way. She now performs in numerous European clubs and festivals on a regular basis. Through her innate curiosity and desire for new experience she plays with groups that have diverse instrumentation and esthetics. Be it theatre or contemporary performance, octets or duos, compositions or free-style improvisation, Julie infuses her music with an urgent fragility.

With her band Orioxy Julie has toured European from 2008 to 2016 and released three albums which have received positive reviews in the international press.
After 8 years with her group Orioxy, Julie begins in 2016 a unique musical adventure in a purely instrumental form and for the first time of her career, with her own name as the name of the group. Today, the Julie Campiche Quartet has more than forty concerts in Europe to its credit and released its first album in February 2020 on the German label Meta Records. In 2018, the quartet was selected to represent Switzerland at the 12 Points Festival in Dublin and nominated for the Montreux Jazz New Talent Award.

In parallel with the development of her own projects, Julie is regularly in demand as a sidewoman.

In addition to her concerts as a performing musician, Julie recently discovered a great interest in composition.
For example, Julie received the mandate from RTS (Radio Television Switzerland) to create the radio jingle Espace 2 which was on the air from September 2016 to March 2020.
In November 2019, at the request of the Barena orchestra Capella Jenensis based in Jena, Julie wrote the music for a meeting between her quartet and a quartet of musicians from this baroque ensemble. With this project, they won the 1st price of the Nacht Klang von Musikfest Erzgebirge in September 2020.
In January 2020, Julie had the pleasure of being one of the three composers of the Bodycity project, a multi-disciplinary show that took place in Lausanne as part of the Youth Olympic Games.

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