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Hannah Gottschalk

photographer and visual artist specializing in sound reactive live visuals, portrait and performance photography & album artwork

Professional activities:

  • Artwork / visuals
  • DIY
  • Photography act / portrait
  • Photography live event


rauscharm Live Visuals & Set Edit: KenelSonne @ MOODS Live Visual Set: Ali Dada x Rauscharm via GDS.FM Press Photo: KenelSonne Press Photo: Ali Dada Press Photo/Live Visuals: Rakun @ Rhizom Festival Set Photography: Tillmanns Abendschau Visual Set: Witch n' Monk Live Visuals: Olan b2b Amen Skulker



Swiss-American photographer and visual artist with a love for all things glitch.
BFA Photography (Pratt Institute, Brooklyn NY)

I create sound-reactive (live) visuals for performances and videos. I like thinking about what sounds look like and making work where the perception of audio and visual become linked, instead of just complimentary.

With my photographic (portraiture) work, I think its important that people know they're being seen. The best portraits in my opinion are taken when the hierarchies between photographer and subject are flattened and a service becomes an exchange.

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