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DJ / Producer

Professional activities:

  • CDJ / XDJ
  • DJ
  • Logic Pro
  • Producing

Hobbies and interests:

  • Producing



Raised in Switzerland and America, Annina Frey was born into a classic music affine family, she played the violin for over a decade as a child and continued when she started producing her own music. During her teens Annina discovered her infatuation with electronic music and over the years this passion became the center of her life - FREYA was born. The Zurich based DJ and producer is known for her impulsive and enchanting sets from deep groovy tunes to straight forward tearing fast techno, taking her listeners on a journey. Producing her own music is a way to bundle her energy and labels like Bunny Tiger and Dear Deer supported her music early on. FREYA is a very visual artist, not only what she hears but what she sees can totally absorb her and music is her way to process what’s going on in her always alert mind. Life inspires her everywhere and she wants to share her stories with the crowd. Those who get to know FREYA personally soon find out she is a natural born storyteller. All you have to do is listen....

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