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Debora Monfregola

Singer, composer, vocal coach and member of the theatre group Stageproject. Living and working in Basel.

Professional activities:

  • Arrangement
  • Coaching
  • Composition
  • Vocals

Hobbies and interests:

  • Piano
  • Saxophone


deb. deb.



I studied jazz singing at Jazzcampus Basel and did my masters in Zurich.

Since 2016 I'm singing and leading the band "Café da Manhã", we released our debut album "Uma Tarde de Nostalgia" in october 2020.

Currently I'm composing for my new jazz/pop project "deb."

Next to those main projects I'm managing and acting in the theater group "Stageproject".

Teaching is a big part of my daily life, I'm giving vocal classes to children and adults.

Missing the stage and hoping to go back to live gigs soon.

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