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Charlotte Favre

Visual artist and sound artist (in process). Open for tips, collab and sharing time with music lover.

Hobbies and interests:

  • Ableton Live
  • Artwork / visuals
  • Music live
  • Performance
  • Piano
  • Songwriting



From Neuchâtel, i grew up in between my mum's CD store and my dad's tv and sound shop during the 90'. Music has always been in the family, I started piano at 8, then a bit of guitare and drums too. Younger, I always wanted to do a musical school, but that wasn't an option for my parents. So i gave up on producing any kind of music thinking that i wasn't good enough. Instead I study graphic design and then photography in Lausanne. From my 16 to my 27, from London to New-york (where i lived for a while), music has always been part of my life by working in the backstage at the Montreux Jazz Festival or at Festi'neuch and spending my entire teenagehood dancing in la Case à Choc in Neuchâtel. In 2019, i had a huge mental breakdown which lead me back to my piano, it was the only things that could makes me feel good. Since, i never stopped and after gaining some self confidence and experience, i really would like to create a musical project from A to Z. This is why i register here, to find inspiring people that are thrills by what they liked to do no matter their status or musical level.

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