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Blazy Flash

Songwriter & Singer

Professional activities:

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  • Songwriting
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Beyond Frequencies


Sie, Blazy Flash

I am singer and songwriter.
After a brief break, I made my comeback in 2020 by founding Beyond Frequencies - a Zurich based band that is described by music blogs as Metal 2.0 and by fans as "Lady Gaga meets Evanescence".
I followed through with my vision to create a new sound, a hybrid of Metal and Pop, which I call with a wink "Heavy Pop". By developing my own style, I strive to transform metal song craft and pop-influenced vocals into a winning combination that I believe gives Beyond Frequencies its unique cut.

Before I made my comeback with Beyond Frequencies, I was the front woman of alternative rock band Phonoflakes for many years, with whom I toured Mexico and the USA several times. Our biggest achievement was to play at the El Chopo Festival in Mexico City, where we opened for the renowned Argentinean band Tan Bionica. In the US we had the honor of performing on stage of the legendary Viper Room in Hollywood, where the Pussy Cat Dolls already made it big. And for 3 years we held the center stage of the infamous Burning Man Festival in Nevada.

The highlight of my songwriting career is reaching the semi-finals of the International Songwriting Competition, ISC 2013.

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