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Belia Winnewisser

Live performer, music producer and DJ

Professional activities:

  • Ableton Live
  • Coaching
  • Music live
  • Producing
  • Vocals



Belia Winnewisser lives and works in Zurich. She finished her Master of Contemporary Arts Practice in 2018 in Bern and later that year the label Präsens Editionen released her debut album «Radikale Akzeptanz». During her Bachelor in Sound Arts she started to work with sound synthesis and live electronics.
Since the last two years Winnewisser focused more on live performances, concerts and music productions. This gave her the opportunity to play in national and international spaces.
Her lastest EP «A Comet Blazing In The Empyrean» was released by the label SPA based in Cologne. The music floats between gentle noise and brutal sounds.

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