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Athina Dill

hello world! i am based in and around berne and play the drums

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no pronouns / she

Athina Dill started playing drums at the age of 11 and has always been interested in pulse. Her professional career on the drums began with a Bachelor of Jazz at HKB followed by a Master's in Pedagogy.
Athina Dill is musically active in various bands, both long and short term, including COCON JAVEL, Two Moons and Frozen Cinderellas. Athina Dill has also been teaching the drums at the music school Musik im Dach since February 2023.
In addition to making music, Athina Dill is also active in various areas of music like being part of the Jazz am Sunntig (weekly radio show on RaBe) team since 2020 and working for the annual Emmental Jazz Festival Langnau Jazz Nights.

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