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Annalena Fröhlich

Multimedia artist exploring the intersection of beats/bass, performance, hybrid realities, and video art. Internationally, based in Brussels.

Professional activities:

  • Ableton Live
  • Artwork / visuals
  • Composition
  • Digital Performer
  • DJ
  • Laptop
  • Logic Pro
  • Music video
  • Performance
  • Sound Design
  • Vocals



I work across a broad spectrum of media, ranging from sound (as a composer, DJ and sound designer), performance, new technologies to video art. My music is based on bass and beats, electronic, eclectic and with love for chaos.
I am inspired and driven by contemporary discourses and seek to deconstruct certainties, binaries, beats and images. I am particularly interested in the image itself in the age of social media, censorship, pornification and its re-appropriation. My hybrid multiverse is mostly autodidactic and my style is unorthodox, eclectic and radical. I see glitch as a form of resistance and as an artist as in everyday life I am continuously fighting for the visibility and possibility of existence of marginalized and endangered communities.

I work internationally with my artistic base in Brussels. I am touring as a DJ in clubs and festivals, and as a sound designer I work in the institutionalised theatre scene as well as in the off scene.
As a sound designer I work a lot with ableton live to create surround experiences. I work in big theatres like Deutsches Theater Berlin and Volkstheater München and Volkstheater Wien as well as for outside performances and at off scene festivals and theatres with tours in Tunis, Barcelona, whole europe and Beirut.

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