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Anna Frei

anna frei are sound artist, sonic community organizer, sonic researcher, recordstore co-operator, graphic designer and experimental dj.

Professional activities:

  • Cultural politics
  • DJ
  • Graphic design
  • Music teaching
  • Performance
  • Research
  • Vinyl


OOR Saloon



anna frei are sound artist, sonic community organizer, collaborator, sonic researcher, recordstore co-operator, graphic designer and experimental/essayistic dj (aka fred hystère).

for more than 10 years anna organizes concerts, experimental audio formats and collaborates on listening performances and collective listening settings. Anna works as freelance graphic designer focussing on sound related projects and art books, is conceptrice of publications and editions and gives weekly risography-print-workshops.

anna's sonic practice consists of research-based listening performances, essayistic DJ (Fred Hystère), modular synthesis, various forms of microphony and free electroacoustic improvisation. they focus on questions of socio-political and solidary practices of listening and the possibilities within the sonic realm and non-verbal communication. they are a collaborator in various sonic activist, art and performance projects, listening formats and dj-sets in fortress switzerland, fortress europe and beyond.

anna are co-founder of OOR Records/OOR Saloon. OOR Records is a collective, cooperative and honorary operated record and art bookstore, organic archive and social gathering place for adventurous ears.

OOR Saloon is a soundart space and production-/event context focussing on emancipatory collaborative and intersectional queer-feminist politics/practices of listening and sound, electronic and electroacoustic music, experimental club culture, performance and sound art. the oor saloon series wishes to create collaborative, multi-sensory and discursive spaces for negotiations of emancipatory artistic practices related to sound/forms of listening and questions of difference. for oor saloon anna are responsible for event-conception/programming, organization (together with franziska koch) as well as the graphic design.

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