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Amanda Rakel

I am a Danish singer-songwriter with a focus on pop and edm music. I'm getting to know the Swiss music scene looking to connect with others!

Professional activities:

  • Performance
  • Songwriting

Hobbies and interests:

  • Artist management
  • Artwork / visuals
  • Blog / Vlog / Podcast
  • Communication
  • DIY
  • Music communication



Born in Germany to a Danish mother and a Swedish father, and raised in Switzerland, I bring a culturally diverse background with me.

My family has always been musical and in 2015 I officially started pursuing my career as a singer-songwriter, based out of Denmark. For the past ten years I've bounced around the world but in December 2020, I decided to move back to Switzerland. I am new to the Swiss music scene so I am in the process of getting to know it.

I write all my own lyrics and melodies. My long-term co-writer (based in Copenhagen) then adds a piano arrangement and helps me tweak the song before I find someone to produce the tracks. In 2020 I released six singles and focused on EDM/Pop.

I am gearing up to release an EP in 2021 and am looking for producers who are savvy within the Pop genre. Aside from that I'm looking to connect with people within this Swiss music industry as I'm currently surrounded by a lot of suit-and-tie people. It would be nice to meet some fellow creatives!

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