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Akina McKenzie

Blueswoman and Survival Artist - "Noone ever said it would be easy..." - Performer, Singer, Songwriter, Guitarplayer in Blues, Soul, Jazz, Folk & Rock

Professional activities:

  • Acoustic guitar
  • Music live
  • Performance
  • Producing
  • Songwriting
  • Vocals

Hobbies and interests:

  • Acoustic guitar
  • Artist management
  • Artwork / visuals
  • E-guitar
  • Festival
  • Homestudio recording
  • Music journalism
  • Music live
  • Music promotion
  • Music studio
  • Music video
  • Performance
  • Photography act / portrait
  • Piano
  • Producing
  • Songwriting
  • Sound Design
  • Stagehand
  • Tour management
  • Vinyl
  • Vocals


"She". Though my Grandfather referred to me as it

Hoi Zäme! Salüt et Ciao and good evening! Nostrovia!
I am kind of a Jaqueline of many trades but essencially a Master of few things... The making of true ART with passion that reeks of authenticity when you experience it through either your eyes, ears or both NEEDS a drop of insanity...

Mainly I play live, write and record Music.
People don't let me keep jobs so I'm stuck writing songs and performing them for the rest of my life :)

And I believe that my experience as a world roaming artist, not only benefits crowds, but also fellow artists looking to find tips regarding Tours, Selfpromotion, being a One Woman Army, Tricks to heal your voice and your nerves and everything around being a musician and creator.

Message me here or on Facebook or Insta if you would like to book me for a Concert:
1 - 2 Hrs = 400 CHF (negotiable - expenses incl.)

Or if you would like to chat or tell me about a project in need of hands :)

I plan on teaching in the future, but I ain't got the papers for that yet :)

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