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Adrianna Ramos

Adrianna Ramos is asinger (soprano), songwriter, composer, producer, lyricist. Classical, Classical Pop songs. Looking for music management and getti

Professional activities:

  • Composition
  • Music video live
  • Performance
  • Songwriting
  • Vocals

Hobbies and interests:

  • Composition
  • Music live
  • Music video live
  • Producing
  • Songwriting
  • Vocals


Adrianna Ramos



Adrianna Ramos is a Russian singer, songwriter and lyricist who is a classically trained soprano specializing
in classical-pop songs. Adrianna has a very unique voice for the present music world with a wide vocal
range. She performs her original songs and loves to write poetic lyrics, vocal parts, composing harmonies
and instrumentals. Adrianna has been trained by a prolific and experienced academic vocal coach in
Moscow for over 6 years, performing various operatic arias. With the help of her vocal teacher, Adrianna
is constantly enhancing her vocal range and the quality of performance. She is always improving her skills
in composing music with the help of the professional Moscow composer graduated Moscow State
Tchaikovsky Conservatory. She is focused on creating her own original style, characterized by infusing pop
and classical music, with a display of emotion and passion. She would love to perform her songs in English
all over the world. Adrianna is very dedicated to her craft and is determined to have her music touch the
heart of millions of people throughout the world.
She is currently focused on finding the support from a Major label that can take her career to the next
level. Besides, Adrianna is interested in music placements in Films & Animation movies.

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