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Ilayda Zeyrek

Head of program at Radio 3FACH Host "Queertopia" DJ "Kalixys" Coach "Helvetiarockt Music Lab DJ Workshop"

Attività professionale:

  • Blog / Vlog / Podcast
  • Booking
  • CDJ
  • Club
  • Coaching
  • DJing
  • Giornalismo in campo musicale
  • Moderazione



Pronome personale:


Music, Journalism and Coaching are the things I do. As head of program for Radio 3FACH, a Lucerne based youth station, I curate and maintain all kinds of content related to music, politics and local happenings. I also have my own weekly show on thursday nights called "Queertopia", which highlights the newest and most interesting new music from queer artists.
For a couple of years I've been djing as Kalixys. I started with lots of electronic music but since widened my taste through meeting new people in the swiss/international music scene.
As a coach for the Helvetiarockt DJ Music Lab I'm able to transmit this passion und knowledge to local FINTA* persons.

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