Immagine del profilo Brigitta Kobe
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Brigitta Kobe

I am the founder of BABOON and the singer and songwriter and guitarplayer of the band.

Hobby e interessi:

  • Arrangiamento
  • Canto
  • Chitarra acustica
  • Chitarra elettrica
  • Coaching
  • Composizione
  • Garageband
  • Musica live
  • Pedagogia musicale
  • Songwriting
  • Tecnica di registrazione studio casalingo
  • Video musicale
  • Violino



Pronome personale:


After playing in different bands in the zurich music scene i started to write my own songs only for guitar and vocals and founded Baboon 2003 as my solo project. Soon after David Pfluger joined me on drums and since than i played with a couple of more musicians until today.

I published 2005 the CD Hill, 2012 the CD 5 Knots and 2016 the Double Vinyl Record Night & Flowers. A new album is in the work.

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