Profilfoto Noée Wallimann
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Noée Wallimann

Zurich based DJ and Producer. Organizer with F96 Collective. Open for bookings and collaborations!

Professionelle Tätigkeiten:

  • CDJ / XDJ
  • Club
  • DJ

Hobbys und Interessen:

  • Ableton Live
  • CDJ / XDJ
  • DJ
  • Keyboard
  • Musik Live
  • Perkussion
  • Piano
  • Producing



Noée Walliman was born and raised in a musical family in the center of Switzerland. After a classical education in piano and moving to Zurich to continue her professional training of ballet and contemporary dance, her singing and dancing were featured in various musical productions in Zurich. Eventually, her path lead into the dance music scene in Zurich, where she functioned as an organizer for various cultural events with the collective F96. Simultaneously, her passion for music found its way back into her life through synths, producing and mixing. As of now, she is performing as a DJ showcasing a broad spectrum of electronic music ranging from early 90's/2000's Trance to Gabber and cheeky G-Tech. In her studio, she produces a variety of genres matching her selections.

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