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Louise Knobil

Hi! I’m Louise, a doublebass and e-bass player, singer and composer in Jazz and Pop. My main project is “KNOBIL” (Jazz/Glitter/Songwriting).

Professionelle Tätigkeiten:

  • Arrangement
  • Coaching
  • E-Bass
  • Gesang
  • Komposition
  • Kontrabass
  • Logic Pro
  • Music teaching
  • Songwriting



Louise Knobil is an eclectic - yet passioned mostly by Jazz - double bass player, electric bass player, singer, composer and arranger based in Lausanne (Switzerland).
Born in 1998 and raised in this city, she is currently attending her first year of a Master’s degree in performance and interpretation in Jazz double bass at HEMU, Lausanne’s Jazz School.
Whilst studying with renowned teachers like Bänz Öster, Etienne M’bappé, Emil Spanyi and Jean- François Baud, she is been active on the local and international scene since 2016.
She started as a self-taught electric bass player with two bands: The Queen’s Underwear (Garage- Funk-Flinta band) and Kilario (Brasilian Groove). She tours and composes with these two bands from 2016 to 2019.
During the same time, she enters the pre-college class in EJMA in Jazz electric bass. The young bass player starts to learn the double bass. She is hired to play and compose for two theater shows (Koburo and Charlie by director Christian Denisart). She is also hired to play in the Big Band of Dorigny.
During the lockdown in 2020, she starts to compose for her own musical project: KNOBIL. After approximatively 30 concerts in different forms (solo, duo, trio and sextet), the first EP is to be released on March 17th with an 8-concerts-release-tour. The esthetics of the compositions is Songwriting, Modern Glitter Jazz. KNOBIL is now a quartet: Louise Knobil (double bass, vocals, compositions), Manon Mullener (piano), Chloé (bass clarinet) and Vincent Andreae (drums).
In the fall of 2021, she is invited to participate at the Montreux Jazz Academy, in which she had the chance of playing with Shabaka Hutchings, Jowee Omicil, José James, Edward Wakili-Hick and Edward Hawkings.
Aside from her own project, the Big Band of Dorigny and theater shows, Louise Knobil plays double bass and/or electric bass in several Jazz and Pop bands; Paul ‘’Chloé’’ Marsigny sextet (modern Jazz and astronomy crossover), Basebax Trio (modern Jazz), Felicien Lia (French Songrwriting Pop Garage), l’Effet Philemon (Instrumental Groove) and Milla Pluton (Queer Indie Pop). She played in Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

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