Profilfoto Jeanne Bizarre
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Jeanne Bizarre

I'm Jeanne Bizarre: graphic artist by day, vinyl slayer by night. I curate secret shows, spark genre-bending collabs, and ignite dancefloors

Professionelle Tätigkeiten:

  • DJ
  • Grafikdesign
  • Marketing / Promotion
  • Vinyl
  • Workshop

Hobbys und Interessen:

  • Vinyl



Music stole my heart as a kid, and vinyl became my obsession. Fast forward to 2021 – I co-hosted a vinyl DJ workshop at Mokka with legends Soulsource & Jeff. Boom! Six months later, I was DJing myself, diving headfirst into the world of spinning and igniting dancefloors. My record collection keeps growing, and the fire only burns brighter with every show! As part of the ZigZag association board, I'm a vinyl industry champion, keeping that fire alive for future generations. But my passion isn't limited to music – I bring those vibes to life visually too, creating flyers, websites, and logos that capture the essence of every beat.

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