Profilfoto Camila Koller
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Camila Koller

I write songs and sing them! I also play guitar, piano and tin whistle. I'm a coach at Helvetiarockt for the Song Sketches workshops in Ticino.

Professionelle Tätigkeiten:

  • Akustische Gitarre
  • Flöte
  • Gesang
  • Komposition
  • Piano
  • Songwriting

Hobbys und Interessen:

  • Coaching
  • Logic Pro
  • Musikvideo
  • Saxophon



I was born in the capital city of Chile and raised in Ticino. I studied songwriting and acting in London, so I grew up with many different cultures, loving a big variety of music genres; from folk to pop, from rock to swing, from rap to film scores, and so on.
I started taking piano lessons at a very young age, but instead of focusing on studying, I liked the challenge to play all the musical instruments I was given, trying to make them sound good and invent new melodies. That's how I realised I wanted to write my own music.
My first album ("A Thousand Doors") was recorded in 2015 at Mono Studio in Milan and released in 2016 by the London based record label Right Recordings. The genre of this concept album is folk-magic-pop, as I like to describe it, because as a fantasy books/films lover, I couldn't leave out some film score sounds to support my folk-pop songwriting.
I'm a songwriting coach at Helvetiarockt since summer 2021.

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